Trioptics USA – Worldwide Standard for Optical Metrology

Trioptics is a world leader in optical measurement and manufacturing systems that improve and accelerate the development, production, and quality control of lenses, optical systems including camera and LiDAR modules.

Trioptics also offers Engineering and Prototyping Services to support your team in working out the issues affecting image quality and performance before you begin manufacturing.

Our standard design tools include Solidworks, Zemax and 3D printing capabilities. Our facilities are ISO 9001 and ITAR compliant.

Davidson Optronics, part of Trioptics since 2017, has built a reputation for supplying precision optics and fine optical instruments. Laboratories, observatories, and manufacturers throughout the world are using precision Davidson optics and instruments for metrology, aerospace, astronomical, military, medical, life science, industrial, automotive and commercial applications.

Trioptics solutions