Aerospace – Remote Sensing

Radiometric Calibration and test solutions

Labsphere is the world’s premier source for ground-based calibration systems for large earth observing satellites, imaging systems and remote sensing optical calibration solutions. We are committed to always being on the cutting edge in measurement uncertainty and system performance that enables the next generation of remote sensing, climate science, military hardware and tactical calibration

  • Ground-Based Imager & Sensor Testing
  • Airborne Calibration
    •  precise radiometric solutions for aerial reconnaissance and imaging
  • Hyperspectral Calibration
  • Vacuum & Thermal Vacuum
  • Ambient Contrast Testing
  • Flat Fielding/PRNU
  • Ground Truth
    • Validate airborne or space-borne optical measurements with traceable measurements on designated ground diffuse reflectance targets
  • Linearity/Dynamic Range (Sensor)
  • Luminance Meter Calibration
  • Spectral Radiance
    • Labsphere is the world leader in uniform spectral radiance calibration systems
  • Spectroradiometer Calibration
  • Temporal / Stability
  • Time Of Flight Instrument Calibration
    • Labsphere provides diffuse targets of varying reflectance levels and shapes
  • Color Calibration of Sensors

High-precision optical metrology under demanding conditions

Optical applications in the field of aviation and aerospace are varied and complex. Reliability and robustness take top priority for mission components. Typical samples are aerial photograph lenses, lenses for space applications as well as complex high-resolution telescopes with multiple lenses.

With their universal design and versatile metrology options, the alignment turning stations – ATS – can process all mounted lenses and lens assemblies, including those with infrared and aspherical lenses or with mounted cells that cannot be glued. The choice always falls on the ATS when it comes to increasing efficiency. The ATS not only excels in mass production but also in the manufacture of customized lenses.