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From consumable Spectralon® components to complete precision manufacturing and QC systems for the ADAS imaging and LiDAR market, we offer a broad range of enabling photonics-based technologies.

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Life on Mars ?

A great piece from Halma plc, parent company of Labsphere. Looking for signs of extra-terrestrial life has long been a plot for many blockbuster movies. But despite dozens of missions to Mars there has been no proof that life, past or present, exists beyond Earth. Recent research, however, has concluded…

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SPIE OptiFab October 18-21 Rochester, NY

Come to booth 1220 to see cutting edge solutions from Trioptics at the largest optical manufacturing conference and exhibition in North America. Featuring the largest spectrum of optical measurement technology ,supply test systems for R & D and Production for every manufacturing step in optics: from a system for refractive…

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SmartSens-UVC irradiance sensors

Real-time UVC dose monitoring: Labsphere’s calibrated UVC sensors enable real-time UVC dose monitoring for the validation of UVC surface disinfection. Easily access dosage information on demand using the SMARTSens-D software platform, or integrate the digital sensors as a component in your UVGI system software using the provided firmware. Each sensor is calibrated for irradiance responsivity at…

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ADAS Camera Optical Alignment and Testing in Mass Production

Trioptics brings a wealth of experience to ADAS alignment, test and assembly. Testing options are now available through an extended temperature range of -40 to 120 C with the ImageMaster® HR Temp Control . Whether your requirements are for R&D, QC or automated mass production Trioptics has a solution. The…

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SpectraBlack – New Product

*** 10% off for the month of September 2021 on all standard SpectraBlack panels *** Labsphere offers a variety of Permaflect reflectance coatings ranging from 5 to 94%. Understanding the sensitivity of Lidar and ToF systems at low reflectance (<5%) has proved difficult due to a lack of spectrally flat…

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The most common request we get is for components built from Spectralon®, a material that provides the highest known diffuse reflectance over the UV-VIS-NIR region of the spectrum. Most commonly supplied in “pucks” or targets for calibration of optical instrumentation, this machined material can be shaped to form laser cavities…

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