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Visual optical measurement instruments

Optical testing usually requires a wide range of configurations specific to the application or the parameters to be measured. The large variety of possible set-ups are a combination of basic optical instruments including;

  • Collimators – devices for changing diverging light from a point source into a parallel beam required to make measurements in geometric and physical optics
  • Industrial Telescopes – an afocal optical device made up of lenses or mirrors, usually with a magnification greater than unity
  • Diopter Telescopes or Dioptometer – a focusing telescope measuring the power of lenses in diopters
  • Dynameters – used in optical testing to measure the diameter of an exit pupil, checking the distance between the eyepiece and the exit pupil or measurement of a telescope’s magnification
  • Autocollimators –  optical instrument for non-contact measurement of angles which combines the functions of the first two items on this list. Typically used to align components and measure deflections in optical or mechanical systems.
  • Electronic autocollimators are available from Trioptics Triangle product line.

To cover all conceivable testing set-ups required by fast changing applications, Trioptics’ OptiTest®components are designed to create modular systems.

Application questions ? Quote requests ? Please provide a description and we’ll get back to you promptly. The OptiTest product line is a dynamic one – we’ll be happy to provide a current configuration for any instrument you are interested in.